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DVD replication services, DVD duplication companyWe can provide you or your business with quality DVD replication services. Whether your needs are large or small we can provide DVDs for you. Smaller orders or orders needing a quick turnaround can be duplicated using DVD-Rs at our Iowa location. Larger orders of DVDs can be replicated at our factory utilizing modern injection molding technics. Whether your needs are for 10 DVDs or 100,000 DVDs, this DVD duplication company would be happy to have you as our customer.

If you have any questions about our DVD replication services or our practices as a DVD duplication company, please read the following FAQ. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to e-mail us.

DVD Duplication Company FAQ

What are the different DVD formats?Top
The important formats to be aware of for smaller DVD replication services runs are DVD-R and DVD+R both of which offer approximately 4.7 GB of storage. Factory produced DVDs have 3 formats available: DVD-5 (single sided), DVD-9 (single sided dual layer), DVD-10 (double sided).

Why should I care about the differences between DVD-R or DVD+R?Top
DVD-R is the format that this DVD duplication company supports. It is reported to be the most compatible format with existing home DVD players and computers.

What are some of the uses of DVD?Top
DVDs can be used almost as a direct replacement of CDs with the added benefits of increased storage capacity and video capabilities.

Can you transfer VHS tapes to DVD?Top
Yes, this is one of the DVD replication services that we offer. Send us your VHS tape and we will transfer the content to DVD.

What type of master do I need to provide for the DVD replication?Top
A DVD-R is the preferred master media. For computer software or data a CD is sometimes acceptable.

Can I use a professionally recorded DVD master?Top
Yes. This will typically be a DVD-R or DVD+R.

When should I use a DVD-R instead of a stamped DVD?Top
DVD-Rs are the ideal solution for small runs or for any size run that needs a quick turnaround. As quantities increase a stamped DVD will be more economical.

When should I use a stamped DVD instead of a DVD-R?Top
If you have at least 7 - 10 business days before the DVD replication project is needed and if you need approximately 500 pieces or more.

What is the turnaround time for DVDs and DVD-Rs?Top
Stamped DVD orders require about 7 - 10 business days to complete. DVD-R orders usually take 1 - 4 days to complete.

Why is the turnaround time for an order faster using DVD-Rs?Top
DVD-Rs are replicated on our in-house equipment that support many DVD writer drives. Our equipment is capable of replicating hundreds of DVD-Rs per day.

Why should I use your service when I already have a DVD writer drive in my computer?Top
If you only need a few DVD-R copies a DVD writer in a computer will work. If you need more DVD-R copies, a professional DVD duplication company will provide better results. Our equipment is specially designed to produce copies quickly, accurately and with a professional look.

Does it cost more to replicate a full DVD than a partially full DVD?Top
No. Some DVD duplication companies charge more if the DVD-R is over 1/2 full. Our pricing is based on the size of the order not on the amount of information stored on the DVD.

What are the minimum order requirements for DVDs and DVD-Rs?Top
The factories manufacturing DVDs have a minimum order requirement of 1000 pieces for DVD replication services, but it still is usually more economical for us to order from the factory at quantities of 500 pieces. There is no minimum order for DVD-R replication.

How are DVDs and DVD-Rs printed?Top
DVDs are screenprinted. DVD-Rs are printed using a special ink-jet printer or a thermal ribbon printer, just like CD-Rs.

What type of artwork do I need for printing on a DVD or DVD-R?Top
DVD screen-printing or off-set printing requires application specific artwork and film output. DVD-R printing needs only a generic graphic file such as a jpg or tif.

Does CSI, Inc. provide the artwork?Top
If you only need type printed such as song titles, etc., we can do the typesetting. If you need color or graphics then you will need to provide the artwork. Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or Quark are examples of good packages for producing artwork. Remember that the printing we provide is only as good as the artwork we receive.

What type of packaging is available for DVDs and DVD-Rs?Top
Packaging options are almost unlimited. The most popular packaging options are DVD boxes, plastic jewel cases or a window sleeves.

As a professional DVD duplication company, can CSI, Inc. produce a complete DVD package with a DVD box?Top
Yes, and in any quantity. Along with our DVD-R replication equipment, we have the in-house capability to print full color DVD box covers and inserts plus shrinkwrap the entire package. CSI, Inc. is a full-service DVD duplication company.

Who are some of your DVD replication services customers?Top
Our customers include business, individuals, recording studios, schools, churches and photography studios.

Are samples of replicated DVD-Rs available?Top
Yes. If you send us a master (DVD or CD) and/or artwork we would be happy to send you a free copy.

What are some of the "hidden costs" that I should be aware of when dealing with other DVD duplication companies?Top
Another DVD duplication company may tack on "hidden" film charges, shipping charges, setup charges, charges for quick turnaround times, charges for replicating more than 350 mb of information, and charges for additional printed colors. These "hidden costs" can add substantially to the cost of each DVD. We make our customers aware of these charges before they place their order or we include them in our DVD replication services price quote.

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