Our prices are lower than DiscMakers (and others) and our production times are faster. Click "Our Specials"  above to  view these low prices.

We have the best price, service, turnaround time, and quality. All our factories are Philips licensed and ISO 9001 certified so you can be assured of consistent quality and compatibility for all CD and DVD formats. Feel free to contact us for a quote on your next project. Large or small, we do them all.

The CD Duplicator.com's duplication service was started in 1982, making us one of the oldest duplicator companies in the business today.  Through the years we have duplicated millions of floppy diskettes (8", 5.25" and 3.5") for customers ranging in size from billion dollar multi-national companies to small offices with only one or two employees.  

As the times changed so did we. While many of our competitors were going out of business, we were investing in CD and DVD duplication equipment. Now we provide disc duplication services for hundreds of thousands of CD's & DVD's plus USB Flash Drives. These discs include the traditional stamped CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and CD-Rs or DVD-Rs in all sizes and shapes.  The CD Duplicator can produce or duplicate CDs and DVDs in full-size (120mm), mini (80mm), business card sizes and also specialty shapes.

We can provide any level of service from basic CD replication services and DVD replication services to full packaging, mailing and inventory. For some customers we provide an on-demand order fulfillment, which is implemented when their customers initiate an order. If you have a special need for production, packaging, etc., we are very flexible to our customers needs.

We don't surprise our customers with extra charges including; Film charges, setup charges, mastering charges, charges for replicating a full disc, or charges for additional printed colors. These charges can add another $.10 - $.25 to the price of each disc.

The CD Duplicator is Iowa's and the Midwest's premiere CD & DVD duplication company. We maintain this distinction by using the highest quality CD-R/DVD-R media for short-run duplication and partnering with the best replication and packaging companies in the USA. Our only business is CD and DVD duplication and packaging plus USB FlashDrives. We don't do website design, video production, tape transfers, picture montages, etc. Our focus is on getting your order processed quickly and correctly.




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